July 7th, 2013

DA - Time to get freaky

DA Fic - M is for Mirrors - R

OMG I'm not actually dead. Who knew?  Have next one done as well.  Will post in a couple days...

Title: M is for Mirrors
Author: candycentric- AKA Cc
Pairing/Characters: Max/unknown male, Max/??
Rating: R
Type: Drabble
Prompt: M
Disclaimer: Dark Angel is not mine, I just like to pretend. Sadly not making any money off this.
Warnings: Dirty words, Dirty Max, Smutty like woah!
Notes: 26 drabbles for 26 letters of the alphabet. Most of these are one-shots and not necessarily related. However, when they are written with another previous drabble in mind, I will say so. Also, I adore reviews :)

Summary: "She knows this isn't normal. She's never been normal."

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So, no clue where this came from. Yeah. But, I'm kinda proud of it...