Cleopatra (candycentric) wrote,

DA Fic - N is for Nekkid

Title: N is for Nekkid
Author: candycentric- AKA Cc
Pairing/Characters: Alec/OFC (background), Max/Alec friendship
Rating: PG
Type: Drabble
Prompt: N
Disclaimer: Dark Angel is not mine, I just like to pretend. Sadly not making any money off this.
Warnings: not a one
Notes: 26 drabbles for 26 letters of the alphabet. Most of these are one-shots and not necessarily related. However, when they are written with another previous drabble in mind, I will say so. Also, I adore reviews :)

Summary: "Max, it's not what it looks like. . ."


She's always thought of herself as a reasonable person.  Sure, she lost her temper at times and had made the mistake of judging things and even people on occasion by their covers, but really, who didn't?

She liked to think that if someone was to come to her, confess they had made a mistake that was quite possibly a pretty huge - and no doubt stupid - friggin' mistake, that she would try to put herself in thier shoes, then calmly and rationally help them come up with a solution.  No judgment.

This was very much not one of those times.

"Max, it's not what it looks like.  I swear to God!  Just let me explain!"

"So, you're telling me you didn't go against Logan's specific instructions not to flirt, seduce and sleep with the mob bosses daugther?"


"And you didn't get caught in his bed groping his daughter at his birthday party when you were supposed to be doing recon for the heist next week?"


"And he didn't drag you out here and chain you to this wall beneath a Syphillis ad poster butt naked after writing 'E.D. SURVIVOR - Ask me how!' on your chest?"

"Okay. . . maybe it is what it looks like.  But Max, you gotta help me!"

Oh she would, of course.  But that didn't mean it had to be right away or anything.

Strangely enough, the view was. . . kind of nice. What was up with that?


Tags: dark angel, fanfiction. drabble, fic: a to z series

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