Cleopatra (candycentric) wrote,

DA Fic - M is for Mirrors - R

OMG I'm not actually dead. Who knew?  Have next one done as well.  Will post in a couple days...

Title: M is for Mirrors
Author: candycentric- AKA Cc
Pairing/Characters: Max/unknown male, Max/??
Rating: R
Type: Drabble
Prompt: M
Disclaimer: Dark Angel is not mine, I just like to pretend. Sadly not making any money off this.
Warnings: Dirty words, Dirty Max, Smutty like woah!
Notes: 26 drabbles for 26 letters of the alphabet. Most of these are one-shots and not necessarily related. However, when they are written with another previous drabble in mind, I will say so. Also, I adore reviews :)

Summary: "She knows this isn't normal. She's never been normal."


She knows this isn't how it's supposed to be

She knows this isn't normal

She's never been normal

So maybe it is

Maybe there's a perfectly justifiable reason that she leaves his bed every time

In the middle of the night

Two hours after

He loved her

And licked her

And fucked her

And made her scream

And cream

To come out here and look at the naked woman in this room


And glistening

And also freshly fucked

Maybe it's okay to watch the woman touch her flesh

And close her eyes as her hand disappears between her still wet thighs

She knows she shouldn't look

She knows she has to end this

Whatever this is

She should go get back in bed with him

But there's something about this woman

A quality

A mark

A perversion

That she just can't






So, no clue where this came from. Yeah. But, I'm kinda proud of it...
Tags: fanfiction. drabble, fic: a to z series

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